Disappointing Monsters is about a small boy, Gilbert; his imaginary zombie friend, Edison; and other…stuff. Like prison. And Frankensteins. Created by Daniel Bradford and Owen Mackinder who met in an alley behind a bar in the desert.

A little boy who may or may not have been molested by Doc Brown. 

Likes: Laser Tag, Lego, Michael Keaton

Dislikes: Doc Brown, The Phantom Menace, When your sock starts to come off in your boot


Gilbert’s imaginary zombie friend. Claims he was Rambo before joining the legions of the undead. 

Likes: Batman, Denim Jackets, Megaman 2

Dislikes: Sandra Bullock, Cardamom, Ants

Pennywise the Dancing Clown  

One of the aspects of the malicious shapeshifting creature that dwells below Derry, Maine. Recently unemployed.Likes: Sewers, Balloons, Robes

Dislikes: Monsters Inc., Gary Busey, J. D. Salinger


The high priest of the Elder Gods, harbinger of the apocalypse, and lives in Gilbert’s closet. Also a bit of a dick.Likes: Funnel Cake, Yog-Sothoth, Eternal Darkness

Dislikes: Mortals, Kevin Sorbo, Mexico